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Awning Mount 4Runner Roof Rail (pre-order)


Due to high demand, we are out of stock. We hope to ship more by the end of March. You can order in the mean time to be added to the queue!

For mounting awnings to your stock roof rack rails on 4th and 5th gen 4Runners.

Choose a two pack for awnings of 2000mm or smaller lengths. Choose a three pack for awnings bigger than 2000mm. This helps handle the heavier weight and overhang.

Not for use with larger 180 or 270 degree batwing awnings. Their hole spacing is too large. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 73 reviews
alan clark (Morganton, US)
Great, simple solution

I only wish I found it earlier and saved myself a big headback

Huy Dinh (Garden Grove, US)
Practical and user friendly

Great fitment. No installation issue. Well made.

Jason Baer (Waterford, US)
Perfect Functionality

Easily installed my Iron Man 6.5 foot awning to the factory rack on my 4th Gen 4Runner. High quality brackets, and were shipped fast.

John Zamot (New York, US)
Great Mount !!

This Mount is perfect if you don’t have a Prinsu rack and want to mount an Awning.to your crossbar rails on a 4Runner Disclaimer… the video that is on YouTube showing the installation is not accurate.. taking off the crossbar cap is step one and then you have to remove any crossbars or roof baskets attached to crossbars before you can slide the mounts in to position. Additionally , the front crossbar cap does not allow the Gzilla Mount to slide in! Only access is through the back points of the crossbars … other than that it’s a great Mount for any awning

Rafael Ramos (Fresno, US)
5th Gen Ford Explorer

So I have an Explorer and I was looking for a way to mount my awning to my factory rails, I seen my buddy have these mounts on his 4runner. So I looked more into them and realized that the channel on the rail is the same for both vehicles, they fit great 👍🏻

Only thing is if you have a really long awning and want to use 3 mounts to secure it to your rail just know because the shape of the rail is curved you will need to move the middle mount either forward or rearward in order to get it level, otherwise the middle mount sits about 2 or more inches higher than the other ones. Other than that they work and look great

Jake L. (Boise, US)
These worked perfectly

This mounting solution was exactly what we were looking for. It made installing an awning on stock 4runner roof rails a breeze. Definitely recommend these if that is what you are looking for!

For those wanting install details, use a trim removal tool or pry tool to pop the end caps off the roof rails, there are tabs on the outer and inner sides of the caps that hold them in place, then slide the hardware in the channel from the rear. Replace the caps and tighten the mounts on and the awning can be mounted. Quick and easy.

C May (Norfolk, US)
Great product

Easy to install - worked perfectly on my '17 4Runner with my ROAM awning! Install took about 15 minutes! Great solution for factory rack.

Pablo V (San José, CR)
Easy like Sunday Morning .....

I was so lucky to find this product!!!!
First, I don't want to make any drill holes in the existing factory racks.
Second I don't want to purchase another set of cheap racks to do this job because I want a clean job and not add extra stuff and weight to the vehicle.
The installation was done in a few minutes; you don't need another set of hands to get this job done because everything is so easy to mount and adjust. It is built with excellent materials, and the car looks clean!!!! I'm thinking of purchasing more to adapt other applications. Thank you, Gzilla!

Thomas Blackwell (Holly Springs, US)
Not just for a 4Runner

I bought these for a 2005 Lexus GX 470 with factory roof rack. I called customer service and the fellow I spoke to said they would work with some modifications.
The modification needed was to remove the mounting brackets on each corner of the roof rack. The pain is the 8 T30 toques screws, 2 on each corner. They are horrible to get to and manipulate. (At least they were for me and my huge fingers) but once you pass this hurdle these and the Ironman 4x4 removable mount kit makes probably the best mounting solution for a vehicle awning system. I bought two sets to setup my awning on both sides of the truck.

Mitch M. (Las Vegas, US)

Great quality! fits perfectly on my 4runner.