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Awning Mount 4Runner Roof Rail
Scott N. (Coraopolis, US)
Elegant, pragmatic, perfect!

Exactly what is needed, nothing complicated. Well designed, sturdy & seamless integration to 4Runner factory roof rails. Worked first time, Would buy again. 👍

RAD Power Bike Water Bottle Holder
Ted Wilcox (Albuquerque, US)
Great Water Bottle Holder

I like to carry two water bottles on my bike. On my bike there are only lugs on the front of the bike, so this holder was perfect. I have two bottles within easy reach. The ability to adjust the position of the bottles is very useful. It looks great on the front of my bike.

Rain-fly Pole Holder
Ryan Smith (Salt Lake City, US)
Works Perfectly

Have used once so far but seems very high quality and should last!

Awning Mount Tubular Clamps Standard
Chris Ciummo (Denver, US)
Exactly what the Dr ordered!

I'd been going crazy trying to find mounts that would work with my OEM FJ Cruiser roof rack, the albatross that it truly is, and my awning. After toying with different ideas and literally interchanging multiple mounts to come up with something that would actually work, I saw a single post in an FJ forum pointing to the GZila as working very well with the OEM rack. After seeing the design, I was #1 relieved and #2 a little pissed that I didn't come up with the idea sooner and get it trademarked before GZila did! LOL. Anyway.. made the purchase and installed immediately upon receiving them. Perfect install and actually easy to move around. Could not be happier with the product quality/design.

Exactly what I needed

I ordered these cause I didn't want a heavy roof rack but still wanted to have ability to have a awning. This was perfect and the quality was amazing

Roof Top Tent Mounts
Will Riggs (Boise, US)
Are you f ing kidding me

I couldn't find tube mounts anywhere. Came across this site and tried the product. Absolutely perfect, strong lightweight design. Fits perfectly. All around extremely happy with the quality. I will be back to buy more mounts. Already book marked the site.

Rain-fly Pole Holder
Liz B (San Diego, US)
Really opens up the tent

Adds privacy yet it feels like the tent is larger, great air flow. Fir colder months I may still use, but insert a layer of clear plastic.

I had to mount them out past my 23 zero awnings thst I have on both sides of the truck. I bought additional tarp clamps to alleviate any extra flapping.

I ordered three times, the first time they include an extra stubby which would be great when the wind blows hard in one direction. I wish they included more stubby ones with the other two orders. My first rooftop tent included these for at least two side, maybe more. My second RTT (rooftnest falcon xl) came with plea for the rear window only.

Sequoia TRD Pro

Thing fits my pro roof rack perfectly. Hasn't moved a hair.

CV Removal Tool
Anonymous (Orlando, US)
Works like a charm

Got my axles out on my 4th gen 4runner in a few yanks.

Packs up small to put in a tool bag.

Worth the price of not making my own!

NOS Bottle Ranger Eye Patches
Aaron Kesecker (Richmond, US)

Look great! Nice addition to the collection.

Rain-fly Pole Holder
Zachary Hampton (Telluride, US)
Rain fly pole holder

Just installed
Very happy with the results and quality of the materials
Have not tested it in serious weather yet, but I am confident

Only request would be an install image of where to best locate the blocks for front and side of tent -
Thank you
Good luck

Awning Mount Tubular Clamps XL
John Noor (Asheville, US)
XL Awning Brackets

Great product.

RAD Power Bike Water Bottle Holder
John Oakley (Mansfield, US)
Awesome bottle holder for RadRover 6 plus

Easy to install…Solid design, love the adjustability and tilt option. Looks and works great!!!

Awning Mount 4Runner Roof Rail
D.S. (Marietta, US)
200 Series Land Cruiser

Works as advertised on late model land cruiser factory rack! Only (very minor) critique is that the allen bolts are 1/4 hex… would prefer metric consistent with the rest of the vehicle… Otherwise, thanks for the solid product.

RAD Power Bike Water Bottle Holder
Richard Martinez (Groveland, US)
Great product, it’s a perfect fit for my E-bike

Great product 👍🏼

Awning Mount Tubular Clamps Standard
Tom Martin (Naples, US)
Perfect mounts.

These mounts are so solid. Don’t mess around with cheap substitutes buy once cry once. Great fabrication all around.

Bigfoot Walking Acrylic Patch
Paul Pearce (Longmont, US)
I wanna believe

I think this was one of my first GZilla patches, and I’m very impressed. I am always on the fence about GITD stuff but man, this slaps. Thank you Greg for this awesome patch.
PS- this is also staying in the vault.

Don't Tread On Me Flag Patch
P.P. (Longmont, US)
Too nice!

I’m a fan of Mr. X and would kill for some of the older projects. As for this patch, it’s too nice, for me to remove from the package. I like to hang my patches but all of my Mr. X patches stay in the vault. I look forward to more of MM’s art and will probably snag a duplicate of this patch, so I can show one off, and keep the other safe.

Recovery Board Mount Tubular Clamps XL
Adam Graham (Kathleen, US)
Great for FJ and x-bull boards

Fit perfect for my FJ overlanding rig and x-bull boards. It was a bit challenging finding a spot for it to fit because I have a shovel, axe, cargo box, Jerry can, and roof top tent...so space was limited on the bars. Otherwise possibilities would be endless to mount it the way it is designed.. Nonetheless, it fit on the rear. 1.75" bars on the FJ. Nought 4" fully threaded 5/16 x 18 bolts at Lowes with wingnuts and crush washers. I would recommend a 3.5" bolt for 2 x-bull boards. It still might be a tad long.

Overall affordable, quick shipping, easy install...good gear. Recommend.

Awning Mount 4Runner Roof Rail
1st Gen Sequoia Compatible

These worked perfectly on a 1st gen Sequoia (2007). Used Ironman Quick Mounts.

Awning Mount Tubular Clamps Standard
John S. (Upper Arlington, US)
Roof rack awning mounts

These work great, look nice, feel sturdy and bolted onto my OEM 4Runner Pro rack perfectly.

DIY Tubular Clamps
John Holloway (Portland, US)
Probably the best.

Phillip from Lolo Overland in Troutdale Oregon recommended these. I’m glad he did. Super clean and nice product. These guys know what they are doing. I have my clamps holding a Rigid chase light on a Yakima skinny basket. I’ll be back to buy more for sure.

CV Removal Tool
P.R. (Dallas, US)
Excellent tool

It’s the right tool for the job, hands down. Will definitely be carry with me from now on , on our ventures. Four pulls with the sledge on my Fj. Can’t beat that.

Awning Mount Tubular Clamps Standard
TJ Royal (Walled Lake, US)
Works great, looks fantastic

Had to call for correct fit prior to order. Person was very helpful. Got it quickly and took minutes to mount to rack and fit awning.

Awning Mount Tubular Clamps XL
Prithwiraj Ghosh Roy (Houston, US)
Awesome response and product

Requested the AWNING MOUNT TUBULAR CLAMPS XL few weeks back for a trip. The product rep was just awesome, he walked me through the measurements and the process and also provided input into the correct tube size to use for my rola rack. Experience was great. the product reached me ahead of schedule and I was able to install the awning for the trip. All in all great customer service and product. You can see the install / feature here: https://www.instagram.com/p/CdyKzITDx5W/