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RAD Power Bike Water Bottle Holder
Boatin Bill (West Chester, US)
Speaker & Bottle holder

Excellent quality and fit perfect. Allowed me to install a water bottle at an angle and another mouth for my Bose speaker.

Camp Fire v48 Patch
Jeremy Milam (Eaton Rapids, US)
Another great patch!

This is yet another patch in an awesome series! Greg continues to put out superb quality work!

CV Removal Tool
Austin Smith (Amarillo, US)
Simple, but it works

Have you ever been stuck under at over pass in downtown Denver for 1.5 hours trying to remove one CV axle? No? Good, don’t. Buy this product instead.

RAD Power Bike Water Bottle Holder
Aaron Steele (Traverse City, US)
Perfect addition

For radwagon 3, where I don't have any bolt-on water bottle or similar mounting options this was a perfect addition.


The mounts work well for our X-Bull recovery boards. They seem like they will hold up well and the fit is perfect for the 1.75” 4Runner TRD pro round bars. Very happy with this product!

Awning Mount 4Runner Roof Rail (pre-order)
alan clark (Morganton, US)
Great, simple solution

I only wish I found it earlier and saved myself a big headback

Awning Mount Tubular Clamps Standard
Kip Spiegle (Tappahannock, US)
Quality Product, fast shipping

I have placed two separate orders, both arrived quickly, one was in three days. Mounts are machined from Aluminum, not cheap castings. Excellent fit and finish.

Awning Mount 4Runner Roof Rail (pre-order)
Huy Dinh (Garden Grove, US)
Practical and user friendly

Great fitment. No installation issue. Well made.

Awning Mount Sequoia Roof Rail (pre-order)
Jeremiah Tabeta (Las Vegas, US)
Would order from again

Worked really well on my 2003 Sequoia w/ an 8ft Maxi Trac awning (stock rails)! Unfortunately someone crashed into in while it was parked and totaled the suv 4 days after install. I used thread locker on the hardware and it held very firm. Would buy again if i get another Yota!

These things are awesome

Superb quality, great design. I love discovering things like this.

Awning Mount 4Runner Roof Rail (pre-order)
Jason Baer (Waterford, US)
Perfect Functionality

Easily installed my Iron Man 6.5 foot awning to the factory rack on my 4th Gen 4Runner. High quality brackets, and were shipped fast.

Recovery Board Mount Tubular Clamps XL
Irving Aquino (Atlanta, US)

Have done a lot of research on mounting brackets and these are the best ones by far. Strong and durable!

Great Mount !!

This Mount is perfect if you don’t have a Prinsu rack and want to mount an Awning.to your crossbar rails on a 4Runner Disclaimer… the video that is on YouTube showing the installation is not accurate.. taking off the crossbar cap is step one and then you have to remove any crossbars or roof baskets attached to crossbars before you can slide the mounts in to position. Additionally , the front crossbar cap does not allow the Gzilla Mount to slide in! Only access is through the back points of the crossbars … other than that it’s a great Mount for any awning

Rain-fly Pole Holder (pre-order)
Clay Buchner (Denver, US)
Great Product

Works as advertised, super simple easy setup and effective. Spent the night in the rain and loved it!

Awning Mount Tubular Clamps Standard
Graham Powell (Doha, QA)
Tubular awning mount was perfect fit

Everything perfect, no issues at all…. Thank you.

5th Gen Ford Explorer

So I have an Explorer and I was looking for a way to mount my awning to my factory rails, I seen my buddy have these mounts on his 4runner. So I looked more into them and realized that the channel on the rail is the same for both vehicles, they fit great 👍🏻

Only thing is if you have a really long awning and want to use 3 mounts to secure it to your rail just know because the shape of the rail is curved you will need to move the middle mount either forward or rearward in order to get it level, otherwise the middle mount sits about 2 or more inches higher than the other ones. Other than that they work and look great

10-32 Track Nut
Fernando Om (Torrance, US)
Simply just works!

Per the title, it works as advertised. One cannot ask for anything better than that. Thumbs up. Also, really good customer service. A++++

Camp Fire v48 Patch

Patch is beautiful. Good quality Velcro art work is awesome! Shipping/receiving is on point

RAD Power Bike Water Bottle Holder
Peter Rowntree (Barrie, CA)
Fantastic Addition to our RadCity 5+

Was looking for a means of adding a water bottle holder to our RC5+ bikes and these were perfect. We were first a little hesitant to order because we have the front mounted basket on our bikes and the website said not compatible with baskets. When we found others had done what wanted to do I went ahead and ordered, the only thing I had to do was purchase some longer screws form our local hardware store.

Awning Mount Tubular Clamps Standard
Matt Sawyer (Jacksonville, US)
1" Tubular Clamp fit perfectly on Yakima LoadWarrior for Roam Awning!

I purchased the 1" tubular clamps to attach the Roam Adventure 6.5' Rooftop Awning to my 2020 Toyota 4Runner Venture edition with a Yakima LoadWarrior roof rack. It fit perfectly! Super easy to install (I had my wife help out as you can see haha) and it's a great quality product. Exactly what I needed and the shipping was fast as I received it in just 2 days.

Thank you GZila Team!

These worked perfectly

This mounting solution was exactly what we were looking for. It made installing an awning on stock 4runner roof rails a breeze. Definitely recommend these if that is what you are looking for!

For those wanting install details, use a trim removal tool or pry tool to pop the end caps off the roof rails, there are tabs on the outer and inner sides of the caps that hold them in place, then slide the hardware in the channel from the rear. Replace the caps and tighten the mounts on and the awning can be mounted. Quick and easy.

Awning Mount Tubular Clamps Standard
Amiel Calderon (Riverside, US)

Works perfectly using them to hold a awning and a shower room and they hold up even at 80mph

Great product

Easy to install - worked perfectly on my '17 4Runner with my ROAM awning! Install took about 15 minutes! Great solution for factory rack.

Peace v1
Trevor Burns (Gerlach, US)
Great Patch

Picked up two of these awesome patches

Nature Flamingo Patch
Tammy Hanning (Richland, US)

Another great patch! Thank you!!