Rain-fly Pole Holder

How Many?

These are in stock and ship promptly. Please note they now come as clear coat anodized (light gray) to better blend into the extrusion they mount onto. No longer black coated.

Due to the box shipment size, 95% of the time we need to ship UPS (even if you select USPS during checkout). Please do not use a PO Box. You won't have to pay any extra than what the website charges for shipping.

Bundle Includes everything you need to turn your rain-fly into an awning!
-2x  aluminum blocks (GZila made)
-4x  1/4-20 track nuts (GZila made)
-4x  socket head bolts
-2x  tarp alligator style clips
-2x  spring rod poles


For use with utility tracks on Go Fast Campers and matching Roof Top Tents. Only works with 5mm diameter spring poles.

Aluminum blocks only offered in regular coat black anodizing. Track nuts only offered in regular coat clear anodizing. Anodizing can fade over time. You can apply some wax or UV coat regularly to help prevent fading.

Tumbled and deburred to remove machine marks for the perfect finish.


6061-T6511 USA aluminum

Designed and machined in the USA.

Lifetime warranty.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 45 reviews
Clay Buchner (Denver, US)
Great Product

Works as advertised, super simple easy setup and effective. Spent the night in the rain and loved it!

Ryan Smith (Salt Lake City, US)
Works Perfectly

Have used once so far but seems very high quality and should last!

Liz B (San Diego, US)
Really opens up the tent

Adds privacy yet it feels like the tent is larger, great air flow. Fir colder months I may still use, but insert a layer of clear plastic.

I had to mount them out past my 23 zero awnings thst I have on both sides of the truck. I bought additional tarp clamps to alleviate any extra flapping.

I ordered three times, the first time they include an extra stubby which would be great when the wind blows hard in one direction. I wish they included more stubby ones with the other two orders. My first rooftop tent included these for at least two side, maybe more. My second RTT (rooftnest falcon xl) came with plea for the rear window only.

Zachary Hampton (Telluride, US)
Rain fly pole holder

Just installed
Very happy with the results and quality of the materials
Have not tested it in serious weather yet, but I am confident

Only request would be an install image of where to best locate the blocks for front and side of tent -
Thank you
Good luck

Patrick M. (Lafayette, US)
The little things!

It’s amazing how such a small mod can make the experience so much better. Should’ve came with this option from GoFast but thankful GZila came through with a solution. Easy to install and setup held up fine in 30mph gusts while beach camping.

Best upgrade for a GFC.

Had a similar setup on another camper and missed the option on the GFC. This solution works perfectly and makes the space much more flexible. Great product.

Exactly what I needed

This is a really solid kit and I look forward to using it in the "wild." I purchased and installed kits for two windows, adding a little blue Loctite to the bolts. My spring bars look a little different from those in the photos I've seen here. Instead of being a straight bar with a hook on one end, mine also have a kink near the end that mounts into the block. I assume this helps maintain optimal tension over time, but I'm just guessing. It came as a surprise to me so I thought it worth pointing out. I consider this kit a no-brainer for GFC owners. Cheers!

Dennis (Goddard, US)
Simple solution

Did not come with instructions. Despite it being a simple easy to install product, a few words or a simple picture would go a way in eliminating frustration during the first install. The little rubber tips are worthless, (maybe they protect the packaging during shipping) they got lost immediately. The clamps that hold the fabric seem cheezy, but so far have been doing a great job. Overall, agree, this is a must have for the GFC, and it works great.

william childress (San Ramon, US)
Can double as a lock

Great product so far. Fit and finish is great. Easy to install and works perfectly as designed.

Added feature is that it can be used as a lock if needed.

Coming through Death Valley I shook loose and lost my barrel lockdown screw. So, I split the block across the two rails and locked it down.

Russell Swan
Fantastic addition to the GFC

Super happy with this product. Easy to install and great design.