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GZila Designs features quality products designed and manufactured in the USA by a fellow Toyota owner and off-road enthusiast!!

We started GZila over four years ago, back in 2015 shortly after purchasing our beloved Toyota FJ Cruiser! Owning our own machine shop in Cleveland OH allows us to make our products ourselves, without sacrificing any qualities! We always use american made materials, and include high quality stainless steel fasteners. This means your products will last a very long time and will avoid any rust issues (one of the things we experience often here in the snow belt). If it's not something I would install on my personal Toyota, rest assured, it is not anything we would sell or ship!

As we became more involved with the community, we created the Toyota Patch Club on Facebook in 2016. This led to the introduction of our sub-brand, GZila Patches; which offers nothing but the best in terms of morale patches! We have been designing and selling our patches for three years! Featuring top quality design work and incredible retail prices, it's no wonder that GZila is one of the biggest brands of patch makers out there! As you explore our website, you'll see tons of great patches that we have offered over the years as limited editions, plus non limited ones that we always keep in stock people new to the market!

One thing we take pride in is having accurate inventory as well as very speedy shipping times. Often we ship same or next day if your item is an off the shelf (non-customized) product! When we machine our parts, we make a LOT, so we can have them assembled on the shelves and ready to ship as soon as possible for you guys! As for our patches, they also ship same or next day too!

While GZila may be a brand, we aren't here just to sell you product! We LIVE and BREATH the Toyota lifestyle. If we aren't busy modifying the FJC, then we are hopefully out exploring this beautiful country, or attending an awesome off-roading event. We have been fortunate enough to meet thousands and thousands of like-minded enthusiast over the years!

We hope to see you out on the trails exploring with some awesome GZila products sometime soon!