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Returns and Exchanges

If you are looking to make a return or exchange, you must email us first (info@gziladesigns.com)! You will have two choices, so just let us know what you want to do... You must ship items back similarly to how you received them in bubble bags. Not doing so will result in damage during transit and we will have to issue a restocking fee. 

Option 1:
Place a new order now for what you need. We will then promptly ship it. Then once we get your original shipment back, we will refund the original purchase. 

Option 2:
Send your order back now. Once we get it, we will then "exchange" it for what you want and then get the new shipment out. No refunds or money needs to be exchanged.

Where to send returns:
GZila Designs
Attn Returns 
5036 Dr Phillips Blvd #1088
Orlando, FL 32819