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Roof Top Tent Mounts


Bolt thread caps are currently sold out and no longer offered. We are unsure when/if we will be restocking them at this time. We have all sizes in stock for prompt shipping times within 1-2 business days.

Looking to mount a roof top tent to your roof rack or bed rack; we got you covered! These HD mounts will not bend or break and will keep your RTT exactly where you want it without worry of it sliding around. Gone are the days of a cheapo stamped washer that bends and snaps and doesn't truly secure your expensive investment.

Don't see the size you need? Send us an email (info@gziladesigns.com) and we can see what we can do! We expect to launch more sizes very soon!

For a variety of racks. To ensure fitment, be sure to measure the dimensions of your tubing before ordering. If you order the wrong size, you will be responsible for shipping back to us BEFORE we send you another set.

We don't list specifics here simply cuz some roof rack companies use different size tubing for different makes and models. Many others also don't list specs on their website. So it is up to you to ensure you know what size you have!

Our mounts are designed with tight tolerances. They are oversized 0.015" to accommodate powder coating thickness. If you have slightly thicker coating, you may need to sand or file your tubing and/or the mount opening. 

Compatible with roof top tents that feature the common aluminum mounting track extrusions (see video) that use 5/16-18 or M8 hex head size bolts. Other tracks may work as long as they use the same size hex head bolt. Note the security caps may not bottom out depending on thickness of different roof top tent extrusions. 

Choosing your quantity is up to you to make the decision. If you have a very heavy and expensive tent, I would suggest getting more than the 4 pack to ensure proper installation. Also to note, it may depend on your rack, and the rails under your tent too as they may limit how many you can use.

We all know that installing roof top tents is not a fun job, so let's just get that out the way! If you have already installed it, and simply swapping out bent plates for our mounts, you will be able to do that much quicker. If you are lifting the tent or installing it for the first time, we would highly suggest using 2-3 people as they are very big and heavy. 

We designed our mounts to have a 0.100" gap in-between the top of your tubing and the top of our mount. This allows for some compression, as well as difference tolerances of powder coating and tubing thicknesses. The most important thing to note when installing these is to create an equal gap. The mounts won't work as efficiently if they become cockeyed. You want to start with one bolt (using a 1/2" socket wrench or box wrench), and equally snug them up taking turns until there no less than 0.080" gap. Beyond that, you may bend the mounts and possibly bottom them out. 

After a test drive or two, ensure they are still snug. And as always, before any long trips, go ahead and check them again as well. 

Only offered in regular coat black anodizing. Anodizing can fade over time. You can apply some wax or UV coat regularly to help prevent fading.

Tumbled and deburred to remove machine marks for the perfect finish.

We design our products to offer a stealth looking install. We don't put gawdy logos or stickers on them.

Includes new stainless steel hardware (5/16-18 hex heads, washers, and nylock nuts).

6061-T6511 USA aluminum.

Designed and machined in the USA.

Lifetime warranty to the original owner.

When buying this item, you will have the following choices upon checkout. Due to high order volume, we try to get your order shipped out within a week, often times within a day. If you have a tracking number, that means it was dropped off that day. However, that doesn’t mean that the shipping company will process it that day. If you need a faster option that isn’t offered, please contact us and we can help as best we can to upgrade shipping!

USA Buyers:
-USPS First Class ($4.00): Only available on small or light items. Typical transit times are 5-15 days depending how far you are located from our shipping headquarters in Cleveland Ohio.
-USPS Priority Mail ($10.00): Typical transit times are 2-5 days depending how far you are located from our shipping headquarters in Cleveland Ohio.
-UPS Ground ($12.50): Typical transit times are 1-5 days depending how far you are located from our shipping headquarters in Cleveland Ohio.

International Buyers:
-USPS First Class ($13.00 - $15.00): Only available for small or light items. Since the pandemic started, this shipping option has been very slow. Often times it can sit in USA Customs for a long time. There is also a chance once it leaves USA that tracking information will not update.
-USPS Priority Mail ($27.00 - $35.00): Typical transit times are 5-20 days depending how fast USA Customs is in processing the order.
-UPS (to select countries) is also a faster, but more expensive choice.
-Note you are responsible for any Customs / Duties / Taxes that your country may charge you once it arrives to you. We have no way of knowing how much it will be.

Other Notes:
Due to the pandemic and backlogs we have seen with USPS, we cannot send a replacement package or offer any refunds until at least the sixth week since the item was marked as shipped.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Demetri Thomas (Emeryville, US)
Perfect solution for an adventure

Am thankful to have found a site that sold exactly what I needed. Had put my rtt on top of my rack and realized that the brackets I had weren't going to work. Was able to find them here and contacted support and they were quick to get back to me about next day delivery. Super helpful and I'm glad I was able to go camping the next day like I planned.

Tuan Pham (Plano, US)
Perfect fit for Prinsu bars!

These mounts are very well built and so much more secure than the universal stock hardware that came with my tent. Those generic mounts are made for the standard wing shaped rails that comes with most SUV 2-rail system.

The GZila fits my rectangular 1x3” Prinsu rack bars perfectly! Also the KEPS locknuts that comes with these GZila mounts are much higher quality than standard nylon locknuts and unlike the nylons, you can turn them by hand up to where it’s flushed against the mount and then you tighten with ratchet. I’ve attached both for comparison.

neil leyesa (Los Angeles, US)
Best rtt mount!

Fits my arb bars perfectly. Now i have a piece of mind that my rtt wont move or come loose while on the trail.

Charles Martin (Jupiter, US)
Just what I was looking for!

We have a Jeep JKU with a Gobe Stealth rack. I have been wanting to install Thule Hullavators for a while now. The Hullavator requires a load bar that extends beyond the rack 4 to 8 inches. While planning how to accomplish this...I envisioned a bracket that would allow me to mount a commercially available load bar to the 1” diameter top tube of the Gobe rack. Somehow...I tripped across G-Zila Designs website. Eureka!!! That’s exactly what I was looking for. Soon, I will attach two Thule Wingbar EVO 150’s to my Gobe Rack using the G-Ziika Tent platform mounts for 1” dia tubing.

I am very impressed with the G-Zilla production work on these brackets. Very tight tolerances. Excellent post production finish applied. This product is not only structurally well engineered...but aesthetically pleasing as well. Once the load bars are affixed...the Hullavators will be mounted...and I will have a load assist Kayak racking system in our Jeep. No more bench pressing a 17’ and 16’ Kayak over my head.

Scott Drolet (Long Beach, US)
Simply. THE BEST.

These mounts are perfection. The manufacturer of my tent (sounds like NoofRest) sent cheap offshore junk to hold their $3200- RTT to my car. No thanks! Not when GZila Designs make the best mount on the planet. Well worth every penny. I’m a customer for life. So many applications!!

Anthony Williams (Las Vegas, US)
Nice Fit

These are well made and fit perfectly the look much nicer than the provided hardware from the tent company

Alexander Traver (El Paso, US)
Excellent Solution!

I had been looking for some kind of mount for my tent and was having quite a hard time finding something that would work with my bed rack which I had fabricated. When I found these mounts fit 1.75" tube, I was sold immediately and have been extremely pleased! The fit and finish is fantastic, and install was a breeze. Highly recommended.

Jacob F.
Perfect solution

Finally, a perfectly elegant solution to securing my expensive RTT investment! These mounts are well made and very easy to install. They look 100% better than the oem mounts and the theft deterrent caps are a huge plus.

Shane (Canton, US)

These mounts are what a rooftop tent should come with. My tent weighs over 200 lbs, so the cheap hardware that it comes with always made nervous that something could happen while traveling. These give you that peace of mind that your expensive tent will be perfectly secured to your rack.

Andrew G (Uniontown, US)
Eased my mind

These RTT mounts are exactly what should be included in your hardware kit when purchasing your tent. The fit is perfect and snug. I bought my new RTT last summer and almost lost my tent down a 100 foot drop off 3 hours after install because the original mounts and hardware was junk. The original mounts slid side to side on my bed bars from Relentless Fab and led to the powder coating being rubbed off and some rust. My mind is at ease now with these new mounts!!! Im very excited.